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Pending Visit

My parents arrive tomorrow evening. I will be their first time in the Star City in 3 years. The last time they came was only for a couple of hours as a stop through after we spent Thanksgiving in NC with my sister.

They are arriving fairly late, so I will have a drink with them at their hotel. I am taking Thursday and Friday afternoons off to spend with them, which will be nice family time. Thursday evening they will meet C for the first time.


It is nerve wracking. C and I have been together 5 ˝ years and they are just meeting her now. I am anxious, nervous, excited, eager, dreading, basically every emotion in the world that pertains to first meetings. I really hope this meeting opens up a new kind of relationship with my family, especially my mom. She doesn’t have to agree with it right off, but she does have to accept it. This is obviously real. We have put in the time, we have done the work…we are for real.

I am also scared, scared that this will backfire and irreparably damage my mother and my relationship. It has suffered enough as it is. It used to be fantastic, but she has preferred to ignore the most important part of my life and therefore neglected our bond.

52 hours my parents, C and I will be sharing a meal. Wish us luck!

PS I have long used Livejournal as a source of communities, but I think I am going to use it as my primary journal now. You can find me at:

2:53 p.m. - 2007-09-25


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